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Cupcakes & Treats

Cupcakes by Carousel... The delicious taste
of Carousel Cakes in a smaller, but equally decadent, package.

Brownies, blondies, lemon squares or raspberry squares. Available in full or half sheets, can be pre-cut into squares.

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Butter Cookies
Assorted bakery butter cookies.
Classic Cupcakes
Best Seller! Our vanilla or chocolate cake, topped with our delicious frosting & a sugar flower or sprinkles. Choose vanilla, chocolate fudge or one of our delicious pastel frostings!
$2.95 each
$32.50 per dozen

Baby Shower Cupcakes
Assorted vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with assorted baby shower decorations.
$2.95 each
$32.50 per dozen
Red & Blue Velvet Cupcakes
Best Sellers! Oprah’s favorite velvets in cupcake form. Mild chocolate cake in a rich red or "blue" vanilla cake, both topped with cream cheese frosting.
$2.95 each
$32.50 per dozen
Candy Cupcakes
Cupcakes bring out the kid in all of us! Assorted varieties available (including Oreo, carrot cake, peanut butter cup, chocolate chip, snickers, coconut, chocolate cheese, brownie and Our Hostess). Ask about our current variety available this month!
$2.95 each
$32.50 per dozen

Holiday Cupcakes
Vanilla or chocolate cake, topped with our delicious butter cream frosting with holiday-themed decorations!
$2.95+ each
$32.50+ per dozen

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