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Marvelous Mousses

Delicious mousse cakes by Carousel Cakes.
A truly elegant treat... Everyone deserves a slice.

Chocolate Mousse Supreme
Best Seller!Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! This mousse is light and luxurious.

7" cake (serves 6-10): $18.00
10" cake (serves 12-16): $27.00

Black & White Mousse Supreme
We start with rich chocolate mousse, we then add creamy white chocolate mousse and top it all off with chocolate ganache.

7" cake (serves 6-10): $18.00
10" cake (serves 12-16): $27.00

Trio Mousse Cake
Decadent!!! This dessert starts with four layers of chocolate cake. We then fill it with a layer each of dark, milk and white chocolate mousses, top it with ganache, and accent this delightful dessert with floral buds.

7" cake (serves 6-10): $18.00
10" cake (serves 12-16): $27.00

Peanut Butter Mousse Pie
A rich fudge brownie crust is filled with smooth peanut butter mousse and topped with peanut butter candy with a chocolate drizzle.

10" cake (serves 12-16): $27.00

Mousse Cheesecake
A chocolate mousse and cheesecake lover’s dream come true! One taste will convince you.

7" cake (serves 6-10): $19.00
10" cake (serves 12-16): $29.00

Banana Chocolate Mousse
Hidden beneath the hard chocolate covering of this dessert is a delicious combination of banana mousse, chocolate mousse, and fresh bananas. (7" not available)

10" cake (serves 12-16): $27.00

Mini Mousse Buckets
As seen on Oprah's "O" List!The same rich, creamy mousse found in our award winning desserts are now available in cute 12 oz. buckets! Great to have on hand in your freezer for any occasion. Serve as is, or top with fresh fruit or whipped cream! Available in Chocolate or Banana.

12 oz. bucket: $4.00 each


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