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Carousel Cakes, since 1965.
The bakery of choice for Zabar's,
Bergdorf Goodman, the Helmsley
Palace Hotel & Oprah's O List!

Located in Nanuet, NY, we are a family owned business, founded in 1965 by Martin Lefkowitz.
For more than 30 years, we have sold cakes wholesale to over 1000 restaurants! Local restaurants and gourmet grocers include the Amish Market and Old World Market. In NJ, find us at Maywood Market in Maywood; Aldo & Gianni Ristorante in Montvale; Dinello's of Hackensack; and the Edgewood Country Club in Rivervale. Manhattan customers include Zabar's, the private Friars Club, EJ's Luncheonette and the American Museum of Natural History. We can also be found at Cherry Lawn Farm in New Rochelle.

Carousel Cakes specializes in chocolate cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and other fine desserts. We've been featured on television programs, such as "The View"; and in many magazines, including Oprah's O Magazine! Oprah's favorite: the Red Velvet Cake!

Carousel Cakes features over 20 varieties, and we have distribution in 6 states, as well as a select line of cakes available across the country direct to your door via our online store. Recently, we've begun shipping cupcakes, too! Those lucky enough to live close to our Nanuet Bakery can take these cakes home. The line at the counter is typically long and extends out the door on holidays. But most agree, it's well worth the wait.

Here are a few of our family's favorite recipes that make any table an extraordinary one:

Carrot Spice Layer Cake: Not your typical carrot cake. It should be called 'Carrot Pineapple Raisin Walnut Coconut Cream Cheesecake'. It has it all. Topped with cream cheese icing, surrounded by toasted coconut and raisins, a real winner! Buy now...

Chocolate Mousse Supreme: This is our best selling cake, and it's no wonder. This decadent chocolate cake is both light and luxurious. Satisfies any sweet tooth, but still. it's not overly sweet. Perfection. Buy now...

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake: Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate! Three layers of moist chocolate cake and luscious fudge, surrounded by old fashioned chocolate icing and chocolate chips. Buy now...

Oprah Red Velvet Cake: The Southern classic... smooth as velvet, this rich mild chocolate flavored cake in a perfectly beautiful shade of rich red is topped with a pure thick creamy cheese cake frosting. Moist and delicious, this Red Velvet Cake is sure to please! As seen in O magazine as one of Oprah's favorites on her O list! Buy now...

Pumpkin Cheese Pie: A rich pumpkin pie filling resting on a layer of thick delicious cream cheese fill a homemade crust. It's a fabulous pumpkin pie. Buy now...

Marty's Famous Rugelach: Handmade with cream cheese dough in apricot, raspberry or chocolate. Only made once a year for the Jewish holidays.

At Carousel Cakes, our family tradition of baking goes back two generations, and over 50 years. Raised in a foster home, Martin Lefkowitz's sweet tooth led him to his ultimate destiny. Starting at the age of 16, he learned everything there was to learn about the art of baking. Traveling the Catskills in New York, he learned and watched everything at each hotel bakery until he became an expert at baking cakes, cookies, and pies. He learned that the most important part of a good product was the combination of natural and fresh ingredients mixed by hand, with love.

Today, we are proud to keep that tradition alive in our delicious chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, and other fine desserts. The highest quality, the highest standards.


Our family believes in giving back. Carousel Cakes supports our local community through bake sales, sponsorships, donations, and fundraisers. We also support national charitable organizations. Each February, we pledge a portion of our proceeds to the American Heart Association. We also have a Pink Ribbon Cheesecake and Pink Velvet Cake, and donate a portion of each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.